Our Environment, Social and Governance Approach with dimension to sustainable development aimed at providing solutions to global problems through our initiative programs. AIA International Foundation also undertakes initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, to invest sustainably which will boost economic value. With our innovation programs and humanitarian activities, we strive forward to be the change-maker and support people across our reach through our programs.

Environmental Approach
We are highly committed to actively manage and mitigate our environmental footprint. As an advocacy organization, we also lead by sample to enhance our environmental policy to sustain climate action in other to complement the sustainable development goals action plan.

Social Approach

We are delighted in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and promotion of health and wellbeing of people in the rural and urban centres. Our approach reflects our belief that an healthy society, economy and environment are mutually reinforcing.

Governance Approach.

We are committed to providing vibrant youth leadership programs which will enhance economic growth through our social investment hub centres with well productive projects. This approach is significant to the key components of our system in terms of sustainability of scheme.